There are many approaches to recovery. Many of the most effective addiction recovery programs involve elements of religion or spirituality. While they aren’t a requirement for sobriety, faith-based recovery groups can offer a number of advantages to individuals ready to overcome addiction. To learn about our faith-based drug rehabilitation at Soledad House, contact us today by calling 866.314.3222.

Allow Clients to Release Control Over the Future

Women who are actively trying to overcome a drug or alcohol addiction often have a hard time facing an uncertain future. Although you can prepare extensively, life is full of unexpected obstacles. There’s no way to control the future, and everyone needs to be able to let go of that desire for total control.

One of the benefits of a spiritual or faith-based program is that a higher power can take on that job. Rather than worrying about every aspect of the future, individuals can let go and allow God, or any other higher power, to take over. This can be incredibly freeing, allowing patients to focus on their own recovery and the joys of a sober life.

Finding Fulfillment in Life

Recovery is about so much more than just achieving sobriety. A person can technically be sober, but they won’t have achieved maximum health if they’re unhappy and unsatisfied. To prevent relapse, finding fulfillment and purpose in life is key.

There are several ways to find fulfillment in recovery. Some individuals give back to the community by volunteering or serving as a mentor for recovery groups. Others are able to secure meaningful employment, head back to school, or repair relationships with family members. Diving back into religion can also be a great way to find fulfillment and meaning in everyday life.

Spirit of Community and Support

Establishing a network of support is a critical part of recovering from drug or alcohol addiction. One of the benefits of a Christian rehab program, or any spiritual treatment center, is that it naturally creates a spirit of community.

By exploring a new religion, or getting back to your roots, you’ll have a natural network of people who can support you. It’s easy to find a great church or religious group where people with similar ideas and beliefs gather on a regular basis. For those who struggle to establish new relationships in sobriety, these ready-made events are ideal.

Faith-Based Recovery Groups at Soledad House

Soledad House is a recovery program for women that emphasizes spiritual development. With faith-based recovery groups, women will be able to overcome addiction while developing their spiritual or religious connections. In addition to holistic remedies, there are plenty of evidence-based strategies that can help women fight back against addiction. Some treatment methods available include the following:

Get Treatment at Soledad House

You can seamlessly integrate spirituality and faith into your addiction recovery program. At Soledad House in San Diego, California, women can overcome addiction in a safe environment with an emphasis on spiritual development. In addition, because addiction is so often coupled with mental health conditions, we also provide dual diagnosis treatment. Dual diagnosis treatment simply means that we address both the mental health condition and addiction simultaneously. This type of treatment gives you a better chance of long-term recovery and offers you tools that you can use to manage both conditions. Our dual diagnosis treatment options include:

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